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Reproductive Surgery

Reproductive Surgery

Reproductive surgeries can play significant role in conception with wide range of operations designed for different problems. Restorations of normal tubes, uterus and ovaries are more common than the surgeries performed on fallopian tubes. There can be various fertility issues that see reproductive surgery as the ultimate end solution.

Some of the commonly used forms of reproductive surgeries are:


Pelvic organs are viewed through a camera or laparoscope placed through the abdomen. Small incisions can be made with the help of small instruments for treating issues like injured fallopian tubes, endometriosis, uterine fibroids, pelvic scar tissues, ovarian cysts, etc.


It is a type of incision-free process that involves use of small camera or hysteroscope placed through the cervix to view the uterus. Doctors can see the uterus and diagnose issues like fibroids, polyps, scar tissues, etc.

Tubal reversal

Tubal reversal surgery can help re-establish the reproductive communication between the egg and the sperm. IVF is believed to be a smart alternative to tubal reversal. Such treatments are easily available at Adam And Eve Test Tube Baby Center in Noida.

Vaginal surgery

Vaginal surgeries can help rectify abnormalities in development of vagina or the uterus. It includes transverse vaginal septum, longitudinal vaginal septum, partial vaginal obstruction, etc.


Abdominal or pelvic cavities are accessed with the help of abdominal incision. This may take longer to recover for the patient and even though the surgeon may just perform a mini-laparotomy including a smaller incision, patients can soon leave the hospital after some short observation period.


It usually involves microsurgical tubal reversal, reanastomosis, anastomosis, etc. These kinds of treatments usually help in treating the infections caused to some tube after burning, tying, clipping or cutting of the tubes.

Reproductive surgery may be marked essential by a fertility expert after a comprehensive fertility evaluation as only surgery can help correct certain problems leading to infertility. For better understanding, visit Adam And Eve Test Tube Baby Center in Noida.

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