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Embryo freezing in noida

Embryo freezing

Embryo freezing allows people to store their embryos and use them later. Embryos form after the fertilization and apart from freezing eggs, embryo freezing too can lead to successful conception in future. Freezing embryos is a wonderful option for people who wish to preserve their options for pregnancy smartly, are not ready now but wish to become parents in future. Cancer treatments, ageing, risk for injury or any other medical condition affecting fertility are top reasons for choosing embryo freezing.

How are embryos stored?

Vitrification and slow programmable freezing are the two ways of freezing embryos. Both of these work by cooling embryonic cells with the help of cryoprotectants that are used to protect the biological tissues against damage. Frozen embryos can be used when required and they can be stored for a longer period of time. It has been reported that the longest they could be stored was 19 years after which it resulted in successful pregnancy.

How successful is embryo freezing?

Women who have used thawed embryos have had pretty good chances of a healthy pregnancy and have delivered healthy babies. It is believed that vitrification, when compared with slow freezing has been more successful with the chance of an embryo’s survival and during its thawing.

Who can benefit from embryo freezing?

Embryo freezing can prove to be a great option for fertilization in later stages of life for people: 

  • with genetic disorders affecting reproduction
  •  who have to undergo chemotherapy
  • who take medications that affect fertility
  • who are same-sex couples and wish to have children in future

The process of embryo freezing is safe and usually leads to successful pregnancy and delivery of healthy babies at Adam And Eve Test Tube Baby Center in Noida. Even though the treatment can be an expensive one, it is a great option for preserving fertility at young age for people who wish to delay pregnancy due to unavoidable reasons.