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Blastocyst Culture

Blastocyst Culture

The human embryo that develops on Day 5 or 6 after the process of fertilization occurs is called Blastocyst. Each embryo need to achieve this stage for implantation in the inner lining of uterus. Blastocyst culture is a process in which blastocyst is developed in a lab and outside the human body through the process of nurturing the embryo and with the help of blastocyst media that is rich in nutrients aiding the growth of blastocyst .

Blastocyst culture: Advantages

Blastocyst culture is possible only with optimal lab conditions and the embryos that have the best capacity for development form into blastocysts further allowing the embryos to grow and develop in the lab until they have reached the stage of blastocyst. This process allows the careful and smart selection of only the most competent embryos for transfer.

Who can benefit from Blastocyst culture?

The process of blastocyst culture is best advisable for

  • patients who have faced failure with IVF
  • patients willing to avoid multiple pregnancies as only the single best embryo is transferred

Blastocyst transfer for IVF

In vitro culture conditions are maximized with healthy blastocysts formation at high rates, then at around day 5 the transfer of embryos can be done. Since the uterine lining is more receptive at this time and is waiting to embrace the healthy embryo, this “natural” time is taken advantage of as the embryos should be in the uterus at around this time. The timing can coincide with any natural pregnancy. The transfer of the embryo is done before the expected invasion and implantation can occur. Transfer of blastocysts help in avoiding possibilities of multiple pregnancies. Our Adam And Eve Test Tube Baby Center in Noida, the top IVF clinic has excellent quality control and is highly proficient with blastocyst culture, it can ultimately lead to a healthy pregnancy.

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