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Egg Freezing

Egg Freezing

Egg freezing is a wonderful way of preserving a woman’s fertility who might not be ready for conception now, but the frozen eggs can certainly help her conceive in the long run. The process involves collection of her eggs, freezing them safely and using them for fertility or related treatments in future. Since the chances of woman’s conception may fall as she ages, egg freezing can ensure that her most healthy and highest quality eggs are preserved for conception in later stage.

Why and who should freeze eggs?

One can think about freezing eggs when:

  • there is a medical condition affecting her fertility
  • a woman is not ready to have a child or haven’t yet found a partner but is worried about her fertility in future and wishes to ensure easy conception
  • there is a risk of injury or death
  • there is a possibility for total loss of fertility

How is egg freezing done?

The patient will first be tested for hepatitis or HIV or any other medical condition affecting fertility. This is just to ensure that the egg samples provided by the woman don’t contaminate other samples. The process then begins and usually covers 2-3 weeks. Drugs can also be provided to boost egg production. Eggs are collected when the woman is ready and is further mixed with a cryoprotectant instead of sperm. When you wish to use them, the healthy ones and the ones that have survived will be thawed for fertilization.

Is it safe?

The process of egg freezing is usually safe and few women may only experience some side effects due to fertility medications.

If you have finally decided to freeze your eggs, visit Adam And Eve Test Tube Baby Center in Noida with the most success rates and positive reputation. Technology for egg freezing has been improving and you can certainly go through the process with ease.

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