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ICSI or Intracytoplasmic sperm injection is a common fertility treatment and also a successful one in case of male infertility. In majority of couples, the underlying cause of infertility is related to the sperm. When the male semen is provided, the best sperm is selected from it and further artificially injected into the egg for successful conception and fertilization. Success rate for ICSI is around 80-85%.

How does ICSI work?

Before the sperm of male can fertilize the egg of the woman willing to conceive by her partner, it’s important for the head of the sperm to attach to the outside of the egg. Cytoplasm occurs as the sperm pushes and makes its way inside but in few cases, consistently this penetration fails due to multiple reasons. This is where ICSI comes into picture and with the help of ICSI and IVF, the egg can be fertilized. Injection of Single sperm right into the egg or the cytoplasm is called ICSI.

Who needs ICSI?

ICSI is an important step for overcoming fertility issues. It can be used in cases when:
• the male partner fails to produce enough sperm for fertilization
• sperm faces issues in attaching to the egg
• the sperm fails to move in its normal fashion
• there is some blockage in the reproductive tract of the male
• eggs could not be fertilized with IVF treatment
• frozen eggs or In vitro matured eggs are used for fertilization

Does ICSI work?

It is believed that the process of ICSI is capable of fertilizing around 50-80% of the eggs but in a few cases it may fail to work. For example, when there are damaged eggs, egg or the embryo fails to grow.

ICSI is a successful fertility treatment so far and the baby’s development or birth defects may be due to the infertility and not because of the treatments used. Visit Adam And Eve Test Tube Baby Center in Noida for ICSI and IVF treatments.