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Infertility assessment (male and female)

Infertility assessment (male and female)

Assessment of infertility in both male and female as a couple is first step to find the cause of Not conceiving even after 1 year of trying for conception.

This work up of infertile couple is best done at Adam And Eve Test Tube Baby Center in Noida.

Infertility assessment for male

Poor sperm quality and low sperm count or other pre-existing medical conditions are few of the top reasons behind infertility in men.

Medical history: Partner’s sexual habits can be analyzed and certain information about the knowledge of correct intercourse timing, use of lubricants, etc may be fetched. Childhood medical history like STDs, urinary tract infections, pulmonary issues, diabetes, etc may be enquired about.

Physical examination: Dartos muscles contraction, scrotal test, general body habits and deficiency in androgen stimulation can be checked for.

Sperm and semen analysis: Ejaculation is analyzed with the help of analyzing the number and quality of sperms required for conceiving.

Genetic testing: It is checked whether the changes in genes may have lead to health disorders leading to infertility.

Hormone evaluation: Presence of male hormones responsible for fertility is checked.

Infertility assessment for female

Medical history: It can help detect hormonal imbalance, PCOS, PCOD, endometriosis, hypothyroidism and other conditions responsible for infertility.

Physical examination: Thyroid glands, pelvic health, breast health, etc are checked for analyzing barriers in fertility.

Hormone blood tests: Blood tests can help determine testosterone issues and other follicle related issues. It is vital to figure out any hormonal imbalance affecting fertility.


Ovarian reserve test: Egg count is analyzed through antimullerian hormone tests and antral follicles can predict better chances for successful IVF. Estradiol and FSH levels are checked.

Ultrasound scan: Scan can give clues about issues in reproductive system responsible for infertility such as PCOS; swollen and polycystic ovaries can be detected in ultrasound.

X-ray: Improper shape of uterus and blockage in fallopian tubes can be detected in HSG tests.