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ICSI Fertility Treatment in Delhi

ICSI Fertility Treatment in Delhi

ICSI or Intracytoplasmic sperm injection is a successful fertility treatment that can lead to pregnancy. With rising concerns in male fertility issues, this type of IVF procedure is rising in demand n Delhi due to its success rate. Sperm is injected into eggs by a certified healthcare professional to aid conception. After embryo transfer, pregnancy is possible.

How is it different from IVF?

ICSI is one of the types of IVF. In case of IVF, thousands of sperms are placed next to the egg in a laboratory dish and fertilization occurs when one of the sperm manages to penetrate the egg thereby leaving everything to a matter of chance. ICSI aids conception by fertilization which is made to take place by direct sperm injection into single egg. However, fertilization is still a matter of chance.

How successful is ICSI?

6 in 10 IVF procedures will take place with the help of ICSI in Delhi and many success stories are from Adam and Eve, centre for ICSI Fertility treatment in Delhi. It’s believed that around 50-70% of ICSI attempts lead to successful fertilization.

Who needs ICSI?

Failed ivf cycles, better success rates People experiencing male infertility may benefit from ICSI. A good healthcare provider can suggest ICSI fertility treatment in Delhi if:

  • there is an inability to ejaculate
  • male reproductive system faces blockage
  • poor sperm count is the issue
  • there is poor sperm quality

In case of traditional IVF, when it hasn’t led to the creation of embryos, ICSI may be needed particularly if the person is over 35.

Will ICSI affect the development of baby?

If the woman conceives in the natural way, there is not more than 3% chance of the baby having some major birth defect. The chances of birth defects are slightly less in ICSI as morphologicaly healthy sperms are selected for fertilization. major or minor birth defect in baby are same in both IVF or ICSI. Certain conditions like Angelman syndrome, Beckwith-Wiedemann syndrome, hypospadias, sex chromosome abnormalities, etc. can occur in less than 1% babies. Other factors that may cause issues in infertility may also be genetic and hence it is believed that the babies born after the use of ICSI may have similar infertility issues as their biological fathers. ICSI are quite successful techniques used for fertilization and conception in Delhi at Adam and Eve. We will do the best to let the couple get through the entire procedure with ease and utmost comfort.