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Egg Donation centre in Delhi

Egg Donation centre in Delhi

Advanced maternal age is one of the important factors in today’s lifestyle that is making more and more couples turn to egg donation as with age, poor egg quality can lead to an inability to conceive. Egg quality of any woman usually lessens with growing age and it will see a significant decline after she hits an age of 37-38. Egg donation is a procedure in which fertile women donate eggs, oocytes, to another woman willing to conceive. It is a part of ART or assisted reproductive technology.

How egg donation converts into fertilization?

An experienced doctor would remove egg or eggs from the donor with her consent, fertilize them in IVF the Laboratory by commissioning couple husband sperms and then transfer in wife’s uterus. Then transfer embryos into the uterus of another woman who is willing to conceive. This can be done with the implantation procedures like IVF. Some of the embryos can also be frozen for later use. At Adam and Eve, a popular and successful egg donation centre in Delhi, egg donation is a preferable choice for many couples.

Who is a good candidate or recipient in egg donation?

Egg donation usually benefits women who fail to conceive using their own eggs for multiple reasons that may include ovarian failure, fetus issues or advanced age. Women who are willing to conceive but fail to do so because of poor egg quality may opt for this egg donation with ease. Women with poor quality eggs but willing to birth a biological child with the male’s sperm find it a convincing form of treatment. Women who have intact uterus but no ovaries can also opt for this procedure. If the women wish to avoid passing on some genetic factors to their children or the ones who have reached an age of 42 and above, this is a good option. The best fertility specialists at top egg donation centre in Delhi, Adam and Eve can suggest whether you are a good candidate for this treatment.

What happens after donation?

After the transvaginal ovarian aspiration, few women may find that they require multiple days of rest to recover from the aftereffects of the process. A few may even return to doing their normal activities from the very next day. The process of egg donation may have a psychological impact; few women also turn to a counselor or psychotherapist immediately after the treatment.

What are the success rates?

Success depends on multiple factors such as age, retrieval process, sperm quality and the overall health of the patient or the recipient.

Egg donors are healthy women who are usually aged within 21-30 and they also undergo a proper medical and psychological screening. They are checked for medical history and ovarian reserve assessment to help find out whether she is a good candidate as an egg donor. Couples willing to have a baby can meet the doctors at Adam and Eve can evaluate the possibilities of becoming parents soon.