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Follicle monitoring

Follicle monitoring

Serial ultrasonic monitoring of the ovarian follicles is used for the identification of maturation status of eggs. Follicle monitoring is an important step in determining not just the size of the follicle supporting the egg growth but also analyzing the thickness of the lining of uterus.

What is the significance of follicle monitoring?

Follicle monitoring can help assess the response of the woman towards her fertility medication treatment. It helps in finding out how many eggs will ovulate and how high are the levels of estradiol; if they are higher, there are risks for development of ovarian hyper stimulation syndrome. Depending on her response to the fertility treatment, her fertility medication doses can be altered. Follicle monitoring provides adequate information about number of mature eggs and we do it very carefully at Adam And Eve Test Tube Baby Center in Noida.

When is follicle monitoring done?

Follicular monitoring begins from day 2 or 3 of the cycle. When there is a need for assessment of number of follicles that suggests about the ovarian reserve of if there is a need for information on follicular cysts, follicle monitoring can be suggested.

Can Follicular monitoring help conceive?

Follicle monitoring can help analyze any issues with the growth of follicles and identify other ovulation problems at early stage. Women above 35 years of age and those who have been trying to conceive for more than 6 months may go for follicular scans.

Is follicular monitoring painful?

The treatment should cause some discomfort but it should not cause pain. It takes just a few minutes.

Follicular monitoring is a vital tool for ovulation induction and helps in documenting ovulation. It is one of the most important tools that can aid fertility treatments within the natural cycle of the woman. Follicular monitoring has no side effects.