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Best IUI treatment center in Delhi

Best IUI treatment center in Delhi

IUI is a simple fertility treatment that can be done with or even without fertility drugs. This process involves the insertion of sperm directly into the uterus and IUI is a treatment for fertility that is performed during the ovulation cycle and it certainly gives hope to couples willing to embrace parenthood soon. Patients may also be required to take certain fertility medications for stimulating the ovulation process.

If your fertility issues are unexplained and vague and you really expect to start on with your journey of parenting soon, there should be no delay as the top and best IUI treatment center in Delhi, Adam and Eve can help couples have some hope and in fact be successful in becoming parents one day.

How long will it take for the IUI patient to get pregnant?

As known, insemination takes place during the ovulation time hence it takes approx 2 weeks right after the procedure to determine if the treatment has been successful. It is usually estimated with a positive pregnancy test.

Is IUI painful?

Except mild discomfort, IUI is not a painful process. Usually, the process of IUI is less painful when compared with IVF. Insertion of sperm directly into the woman’s uterus may let her experience some mild discomfort such as cramping or pinching sensation. This usually happens when the catheter is inserted within the cervix.

Can IUI guarantee pregnancy?

It is one of the most simple and low-tech procedures that might involve several attempts but at the same time it can be less expensive when compared with IVF. Since each body is different, the frequency of results may vary too.

Who is a good candidate for IUI?

If husband semen sample has agglutinated sperms and low motility, then IUI certainly helps in conception. Couples who have struggled to conceive with natural means and have tried for the same for over a year without any birth control are eligible for IUI. However, the doctors only do the needful after carefully determining your case and performing certain tests if required. Only the trained doctors at Adam and Eve, best IUI treatment center in Delhi, know how to handle the most unexpected case and deal with it with utmost care.

Should you expect twins with IUI?

The treatment of IUI alone cannot increase the chances of twins; pregnancy but the use of certain fertility medications may make it an obvious chance. Since the woman may release multiple eggs at the time of her ovulation, there can be more chances for multiple eggs to be fertilized.

Sperm washing is a part of this treatment and the fertility specialists suggest it because it can successfully remove chemicals from the semen that may further cause some kind of adverse reaction when in the uterus. Only one egg can make this treatment successful and it is believed that the patients who have had the follicular size of 14-22mm have experienced the most positive outcomes.  If you wish to embrace parenthood, meet the team at the best IUI treatment center in Delhi, Adam and Eve.