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Best infertility centre in Delhi

Best infertility centre in Delhi

Doctors usually term your case as one of infertility when there is no conception with regular intercourse and without birth control for 12 months of trying. The most common concerns can be low sperm count in males and disorders in ovulation in female but the reasons may still vary.

Common causes of infertility in males

Semen transports the sperm into the egg and leads to fertilization, conception and pregnancy. There can be an issue with the quality and count of healthy sperm in some males, they must get checked immediately. A medical condition like cancer, surgery and infection can make it even worse.  Hormonal imbalance, overheated testicles and ejaculation disorders are other concerns that need to be addressed to a medical professional or infertility specialist. At Adam and Eve, you get the best team that helps couples diagnose the real cause of infertility and suggest proper treatment.

Common causes of infertility in females

More than 25% of females face ovulation disorders. If the eggs are not released timely or if there is insufficient healthy eggs release, female might consider undergoing treatment for conception. PCOS, thyroid and hyperprolactinemia are common reasons for ovulation disorders. There can also be some issues with the uterus or fallopian tubes where the eggs should travel.

Methods of Artificial conception in top infertility centre

If a couple fails to conceive baby naturally, then there are artificial methods to aid conception. Intrauterine insemination (IUI), In vitro fertilization (IVF), Sperm or egg donation, Surgical sperm aspiration are the common treatments that couple can undergo depending on the condition at Adam and Eve.

When should you consult an infertility centre?

If there is no pregnancy even after 12 months of trying, it is advisable to meet an infertility specialist. If the female is over 35 years of age and fails to conceive, a good medical professional can help diagnose the issue that leads to failure in conception in her case. At Adam and Eve, you get the best doctors that help analyze your sexual habits, track ovulation, and do some important tests to promote conception.

Common infertility tests in Infertility centers

Semen analysis, blood test, ultrasound and Chlamydia are some of the common tests that the males might have to undergo. Laproscopy, Hysterosalpingography and Blood test can help diagnose the infertility issue with females. Thyroid function, pelvic ultrasound and ovarian reserve testing are other treatments that might be suggested depending on the condition.