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Intrauterine insemination is a popular and preferred type of artificial insemination for conceiving a baby. Washed and concentrated sperm is placed inside the uterus of the woman during her ovulation phase. It leads to healthy sperms fertilizing eggs faster as soon as they are released from the ovaries.

Why is IUI preferred?

IUI are mostly preferred by healthcare providers before trying for any expensive and invasive forms of fertility treatments. It is possible to perform IUI with the help of a partner’s sperm or through donor sperm. Fertility drugs can also be consumed (on the advice of fertility experts) to boost chances of conception.

Why is IUI performed?

IUI are chosen for multiple reasons which includes issues with fertility or desire to have baby with same sex partner, or without a partner. IUI can be performed in cases such as:

  • cervical mucus or cervix issues
  • sperm impairments of partner or a lower sperm count
  • When the sperm from donor is preferred
  • when the male partner faces issues in ejaculation or problems in erection dysfunction
  • When the infertility goes unexplained
  • when there is a semen allergy

How long does the process of IUI take?

Timeline for this process is somewhere around 2-3 days. Before the process begins, the patients may have to undergo semen analysis, bloodwork, diagnostics and ultrasound. Oral fertility medication for increasing the chances of ovulation can be given. Insemination takes just a few minutes as it’s a quick process at Adam And Eve Test Tube Baby Center in Noida.

Does IUI work?

Depending on the underlying cause of infertility, the success rate of IUI may vary in each case. IUI may not help in cases like fallopian tube disorders, sperm impairment, endometriosis, etc.

Before starting the process, healthcare providers do certain fertility tests and medical examination that includes uterine exam, semen analysis, ultrasound of uterus, STIs, blood tests, etc.