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Male infertility treatment Delhi

Male infertility treatment Delhi

When a couple is trying to conceive and plan on starting a journey for parenthood, male infertility can become a big issue solely responsible for infertility. Whether there is an issue with the sperm delivery, abnormal sperm production or sperm quality compromised due to other treatments or medications, a male infertility specialist performing the best male infertility treatment Delhi can help you diagnose the real problem. Male infertility and its exact cause can be diagnosed only through a medical test.

How is male infertility diagnosed?

A thorough examination and history are the first steps to diagnosing male infertility. Semen analysis is important for investigating the male. It’s a simple and non-invasive test that can help any healthcare professional generate a wealth of information on this infertility case. Healthy sperms in good number that can fertilize the egg are all that is required for fertility and successful conception for ongoing pregnancy. If there is an issue with the count, quality or movement of the sperm, then fertilization may fail. Semen sample are analyzed under microscope in a pathological lab or IVF lab to generate a more precise report before starting treatment at Adam and Eve.

Common causes of Male infertility

Imbalance of male reproductive hormones, blockage of ejaculatory path, erectile dysfunction, early ejaculation, lifestyle, use of chemicals or drugs, chromosomal abnormalities are some of the primary causes of male infertility.

It’s important for the patient to approach a renowned and excellent infertility treatment clinic that can proceed to a suitable treatment after careful history and general physical examination and semen analysis. We are the one!

Changes in lifestyle for healthy sperms

A healthy and balanced lifestyle and also diet promote the quality of sperms which can surpass the issue of a minor case of male infertility. Smoking and alcohol consumption can also lead to male infertility. Also, anabolic steroids can contribute to male infertility and hence should be avoided.

We, at Adam and Eve, can help deal with male infertility through the right treatment. We have a team of specialists who can help diagnose the problem at its earliest stage and ensure successful conception thereafter. With the use of medications and surgery, most of the male infertility issues can be treated with ease but when that fails, the couple may have to opt for IVF or sperm donor. Different male infertility treatment options can be followed depending on the case.